Homeopathy is just one of the myriad complementary therapies available to us. I regularly use some of the remedies and my children will turn to them first too. It is certainly worth looking into, it is a gentle but effective alternative and in many cases has very good results. I recently discovered that Arnica which I had previously thought was good for bumps and bruises was also particularly good for any ‘emotional knocks’ too.

It is a vast subject but basically homeopathy works by stimulating your own ‘vital force’ – the remedies are made from very diluted materials, which in greater doses would cause the same sort of symptoms of the illness/complaint you are experiencing. By administering a minute dose of the correct remedy, you own body and the energy within you sets about fighting the invasion. Often people experience a slight worsening of the symptoms or a need to sleep, swiftly followed by recovery. It is considered to be an extremely safe therapy.

Obviously it is not a cure all and we should always remain realistic, but it is certainly worth considering the next time you feell unwell.

I read this article, written by a practising homeopath and his diagnosis for himself: Homeopathy

More about energy healing here: Holistic healing Starts with you

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