Vibrational Healing – Understanding Your Aura

The energy around the human body is known as the aura, usually depicted as an oval shape of colour around us. Most things have an aura but here I’ll concentrate on the human energy field.

Just as there are many components that make up the physical body, like the muscles, the organs, the bones, so it is with the aura too. But its’ component parts although not so readily visible, can certainly be felt and hopefully, understood. Some of these are our beliefs and thoughts as well as our emotions.

Although it is often depicted as being around us, the aura is within us too, for that is where a lot of the energy is coming from. Think about it, if you feel frightened, the feelings are not outside of you resonating in thin air, you feel them, in your heart racing, maybe your stomach churning, they are very, very real. You may not be able to touch them, but how you feel is undeniable, you know they exist. Someone else observing your fear would see it reflected in your body language and anyone sensitive to auras would pick it up from the energy around you. No doubt you can recall sensing something about someone that made you feel uncomfortable for no apparent reason, simply put – that is your aura sensing their energy.

We all have the ability to sense auras, when you start to focus in them and the energy that makes them up, the better you can appreciate the world you live in and your part in it.

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