Yoga – Helping A Healthy Heart

Although we have all heard of the many benefits of yoga, sometimes it can all seem a bit vague and just generally good for you – not giving us a good enough reason or motivation to give it a go for ourselves.

I came across an article today outlining the benefits of yoga – specifically to do with maintaing a healthy heart. That I think is something we can ALL relate to and would naturally find of great benefit.

It states

” Yoga influences the hypothalamus directly, the area of the brain that controls endocrine activity, and helps prevent heart attacks.

A complete yoga program involves exercises (asanas), breath control (pranayama), sleep control(yoga Nidra) and mind control(meditation).These are the tenets for cardiac health; also probably the reason why cardiologists universally, recommend yoga to their patients. The curative benefits of yoga enhances heart health, lowers blood pressure, reduces chronic stress, boosts the immune system and enhances cognitive ability.”

The article also goes on to mention how our thoughts create chemicals in our minds and bodies – it highlights the negative ones but this is equally true of positive emotions. When we feel good, relaxed and happy we do send relaxed and happy chemicals around our body. Stress is such adestructive element and in so many ways that we don’t necessarily see at first or comprehend.

There are some postures outlined at ” Yoga asanas for a healthy heart” , if you want to give yoga a try, then these are a  gentle yet effective place to start.

yoga asana

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