The Power of Your Mind

Human brain and motion of power around it

The Power of the Mind

Wow! I saw this post this morning: “Hypnotic Dentist Removes teeth with  Hypnosis only” that intrigued me enough to watch the video. I am a hypnotherapist and have a great belief and interest in the power of our minds to heal and to bring about some wonderful things, but I was greatly impressed by this.

I must confess, it made me wince – just as the lady reporter, who witnesses the whole event! She was monitoring the lady who had decided to undergo this procedure with no anaesthetic, only hypnosis. The patient was in a relaxed state for the entire time, yet was also able to indicate her degree of comfort and listen to the voice of her dentist. Her blood pressure was also monitored throughout and remained very low, confirming her relaxed and peaceful state.

These sorts of experiences help to add weight to our beliefs in our own abilities to heal and to change. As the patient says, she’s a normal everyday woman, anyone can do this.

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