Energetic Healing

Don’t Let Grey Energy Drain Your Vitality

Earlier today,I was talking with a friend on the telephone. At one point, the conversation turned and he described how although he didn’t feel low in himself, he felt he was in a strange place.  He felt that it would be very easy for the circumstances and people around him, to drag him downwards. I think maybe, we can all identify with that – I can!  There are times when you’re not particularly thinking or conscious of acting in any way, when you can be easily lead or ‘hijacked’ by other people, their thoughts and feelings.  We described it as if you were in a ‘grey space‘.

In that place, it is easy to be overwhelmed or easily affected by all sorts of emotions and reactions -such as fear for example- either your own or someone else’s. It can grab hold of you and lead you into reacting to situations that you weren’t even considering before. Or it can  erode into your sense of self, bringing in more grey skies and clouds. In this place you lose the thread of your dreams and aspirations, they can easily float off into the air, leaving you despondent and empty handed.

Precisely at these times it is vital to have things to hand –  so that the instant you recognise you are in this space, you can quickly take action.

Personally I have made myself a recording of my dreams and goals, in fact it is more than my dreams and goals for that sounds like they are made of material possessions. Although they are there, it is not the possessions themselves that are important.

My recording is how my ideal day would be, in fine detail, describing my home, my work, the people around me etc. But more than that I don’t describe how the things look as such, but how I FEEL about them, they are  created in my heart. A list of possessions might be good but a collection of things, people and experiences that enhance not only your own life, but that of others too,  then that is something to get really passionate about. It is this passion that carries the greatest creative energy, to make things happen, to create your dreams and make them reality.

I also have music to hand that I know will instantly lift my spirit to a better place, different music can take us to any part of the world and some right out of it! Find something that is uplifting, either make your own compilation or make sure you have copies in the car, at work, in the office or even in the kitchen!

Find ways that work for you, you can even get recordings made for you,  I have made many for people- something to play to interrupt the flow of grey energy sucking you down.  It doesn’t have to be too long, just  a few minuteswill keep you focused, motivated and upbeat about life.

It wont fix the problems, people or situations around you but it will put YOU in a better place to do so.

In an uplifted, empowered state of mind we put our own invisible shield up to the grey stuff!

In this brief video there are a few positive statements, to give you an idea how such a simple thing can help to shift your state. The sad thing is, in the 30 seconds below there are probably more positive statements than you have said to yourself all day! Add music or narration and you have a very powerful tool for change. If you would like your own personal video made, let me know, leave me a comment below. You can use this idea many ways, for inviting abundance, healing, growth or change. I will be adding similar  videos to the site – if you want to keep up to date, subscribe to the RSS feed or get the free chakra balancing course and you will be notified of any new additions.

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