Chakra Therapy – Your Health Is Reflected In Your Chakras

With any alternative therapy – not just chakra therapy,it is important to understand that the energy of your chakras. This  is not independent of your health and wellbeing it is an integral part of it. It might not be the direct cause of any illness itself but ill health, disease and discomfort on any level- physically, mentally, spiritually or emotionally -can be seen or felt in the energy field that surrounds and fills our human bodies.

  • The most widely used term is the aura to describe this energy field. If you examine it on a slightly deeper level you soon discover that the aura although a fluid and flowing phenomenon does indeed have a structure within it.That’s not to say that is at all fixed or rigid, however there are certain component parts, usually called layers that come together to make up the aura as a whole. At the very heart of these subtle layers nestle seven energy centers, the Chakras. These layers are usually depicted as resting uniformly one on top of the other, but really they all interconnect and flow into each other. Looking more like a 3D matrix. A matrix of your conscious and unconscious awareness.
  • seven chakras of the bodyThe seven chakras draw in energy and they can discharge it back out as well. Where does all this energy come from? Well, there is obviously the energy all around us that permeates everything, the Universal Energy. Also, every individual thing has its’ own unique energy– from each leaf, each tiny animal, each and every structure and object you can see. Also every thought, wish, hope and fear has its own vibration, a certain frequency. Think about how different you feel when excited to when you are sad, think about the different feelings and emotions words and music can make you feel.

Every individual has their own energetic frequency too; you sense all of these frequencies whether you are actively aware of it or not every second of every day. The chakras and the energy of the body are beautifully linked to your subconscious mind as well as your conscious mind. The real beauty is when you become consciously aware of your energy you can far better direct it and channel your own chakra healing and therapy.

Every single organ in your body has a different rate it pulses or vibrates at, so does every illness, your words and especially your thoughts have a very unique energy too. This is incredibly useful and important, as your repeated patterns – thoughts, habits or behaviours, determine so many of your experiences of life.

  • Each of the seven Chakra Centres also relate to specific areas, functions and aspects of the human body. The weakest chakra centre will usually be the area that is first affected by ill health or dysfunction of some kind.This translates as every illness or symptom as having a psychosomatic link. Basically this means that there is usually an underlying mental or emotional trigger to the illness or disorder. Of course the majority of the time we are totally unaware or not conscious of, the offending thought or emotion. After all we would not want to consciously make ourselves ill!

Many of the thoughts, emotions and behaviour patterns that can cause problems are neatly ‘stored away’ in your subconscious mind. They can be made more visible to you though, especially when you take a closer look at your Chakra energy as by their very function and nature they each affect very specific areas and attributes of the human body and psyche.

I believe that the Chakra Energy relates directly to the Core of your Human Spirit. This is you, your Authentic Self and it tries to get you to speak, behave and live in ways that are congruent with you in your very best aspect. In my words, living the best life you can – on purpose and with purpose.

Anything that pulls you away from that Core Truth or Core Strength, Your Authentic Self, will have an effect on your energy which will reveal itself at some point either in physical form or in your life situations and circumstance.

So what can you do to get back in touch with that Authentic you? First and foremost, as with any area in life it is good to get the basics covered. In this free energy report, you can immediately download 39 pages all about “Your Energy” so you can better understand what is going on. Follow the previous link or click on the image below. You will also  get an easy to follow Chakra Balancing Course, which again is free – so there is no reason not to start your own chakra therapy right away.

Report on Chakra and Aura Energy

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