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* Green and The Heart Chakra; Obviously this affects the heart but not just in the way you love others but also in the way you treat yourself. It is associated with self nurturing as much as showing compassion for others. It may be an area that can be closed off or may be holding on to difficult emotions such as grief, embitterment or guilt.

* Blue and The Throat Chakra; The Throat Chakra is very much about how you express yourself, not just verbally as your body language is after all another way of communicating! It can also link with your ability to adapt to change – or not!

* Indigo and The Third Eye Chakra; This is the realm of imagination – of the good kind; where you see images in your mind of your hopes, dreams and aspirations. Equally though it may be of the not so good kind; where your mind runs away with fearful images and conjures up barriers, excuses and worries that can stop you moving forward.

* Violet and The Crown Chakra; This Chakra links with your minds’control center, the pineal gland. It is all about your spiritual, Authentic Self, it is the major opening to your connection with the greater Universe and the Divine.

Although you are using your intuition and sensitivity when working with the Chakras and their colors it is always useful to have a basic knowledge of their common traits and characteristics. Understanding the extent of the information and the possibilities, allows you to use your innate intuitive knowledge to discern much more accurately just what the colors are reflecting back to you.

If you haven’t done so already, get your copy of this Free Report – all about Your Energy and start deciphering today what Your Chakras and your Chakra Colors are telling you!

Any color questions? Please feel free to leave me a comment below.

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