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Chakra Colors

The Meanings Of the Main Seven Chakra Colors

The  Chakra colors, at the simplest level mirror the colors of the rainbow. But they’re so much more than just colors. Each  has their own significance and meaning. Each shade and  tone works in unique harmony with each specific Chakra. The colors themselves can be ‘read’ and interpreted and are often used in healing, bringing balance back to your energy. Each color has its’ own associations, meanings and relevance;

* Red; Red is a dynamic color, it can be very stimulating, indicative of power, survival, passion even anger or danger. It relates very much to physical activity.

* Orange; Orange is much more sensual in its’ nature, it is about creative flow and links with your emotional energy. Deep thinkers or those that analyize people and situations a great deal can show shades of orange in their aura.

* Yellow; Although it is the international colour of danger it can denote a warm and sunny personality, someone people are instinctively drawn to which usually indicates a good sense of humor and an amiable personality. It also connects with  your ability to concentrate and focus.

* Green; The most obvious association with green is with Mother Nature and the Great Outdoors. It is so much more than that though, it is associated strongly with the all encompassing energy of the heart, in an organic truthful compassionate sense of love.

* Blue; Blue is the color of communication. It is associated with honesty and truthfulness; it will often show up in the aura of both the healer as well as the person being healed. It is about your own communication, how you interact with others but also about the deeper, spiritual part of yourself, and speaking your truth, living in line with your values and higher purpose.

* Indigo; This color is very much associated with your mystical and spiritual aspect, your intuition and psychic vibes. We all have this ability, how much we use it varies enormously! This center is all about your imagination and the ability to visualize.

* Violet; Again this is a mystical color, it is a color of magical charisma and all things of a psychic nature.

When you then add to this the appropriate Chakra and ITS’ own associations, meanings and interpretations you start to get a glimpse of the sorts of deeper secrets the Chakras are holding on to!

seven chakras
Seven Chakras

* Red and The Base Chakra; The Base or Root Chakra links with your survival needs and your basic instincts, it is associated on a physical level with your external sexual organs.

* Orange and The Sacral Chakra; The Sacral Chakra is your emotional center, it links with your creative ability not just on a physical level but on an artistic and inspirational level too.

* Yellow and The Solar Plexus Chakra; The Solar Plexus is very much about your digestion not just about the physical food you consume but also the things or people in life you find so hard ‘to stomach’! It has associations with pent up or stored anger and with the organ of the liver directly.

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