Chakra Crystals – Crystals for Balance in the Seven Chakras

There are seven chakras energy centers in the body, each one associated to different emotions, colors, thought processes and beliefs. So it follows they each have corresponding crystals that mirror or can balance the energies there.  If you are thinking about working with your chakras, using crystals can help to deepen your experience of just how they work.

Chakra crystals and stones can be used to help you to focus and connect with your energy centers. They can also help bring them back into balance.  Here are a few crystals you could use for each energy center, but if you are unable to find the stone or crystal suggested, a clear quartz crystal can be used for any of the chakras.  This list is by no means exhaustive, but it is a good place to start.

To work with the crystal or stone, one of the simplest things to do is to place it on your body in the location of your chakra center. If one energy center seems out of balance, start with that one.  Or if you are new to working with chakras start at the base and work your way up to your crown.

Picture the energy center as a glowing ball of light.  Then let the crystal you are using fill that orb with light making it stronger and brighter. This is done by visualization: you could imagine the crystal itself glowing and infusing the chakra center with light of the same color, or a brilliant white light, illuminating the entire center. What is most important is it be in tune with what you can easily imagine and feels right for you.

The base chakra is the lowest chakra on the body.  It sits at the base of your spine.  The color connected to this chakra is red.  The base chakra is connected to your base needs like; security and stability.  Crystals to use with this area are garnet or red jasper.  Many people are happy with any crystal that has reddish or earthly tones. However you can also use, black stones, these can be very good for grounding – which is an important factor to the base chakra in particular.

The next center, the sacral chakra sits between your pelvic bowl and your navel.   The color of the second chakra is orange.  This energy center is connected to sexuality, desire, and reproduction.  The stones or crystals that are best used with this chakra are also orange, so you could use orange calcite and carnelian. One of the nicest stones, I use is citrine, it seems to be especially good for helping with emotional issues and aligns well with female energy.

Next is the third chakra, often called the solar plexus chakra,  The color of the solar plexus chakra is yellow.  This energy center is connected to your focus, to  your will, personal power, and ambition.  The chakra crystals or stones to use with this energy center are citrine, golden calcite or tiger’s eye.

When you move up the body to the fourth chakra you will find it located around your heart level, but more towards the center of your body.  The color of the heart chakra is green.  This energy center is connected to love, compassion, and universal connection.  The best stones or crystals to use with this center can be jade or malachite. Often though, depending on the individual, it is nice to use a pink stone, as pink also relates to love and the heart chakra. More in the sense of our own personal love and feelings towards ourselves and our inner child. If you are feeling a little sensitive or tender, then using a gentle rose quartz here can bring a much needed sense of balance and calm.

The next chakra is in the throat.  This chakra is blue in color.  This energy center controls communication, both with people and with the divine, as well as expression – in all its’ forms.  The best crystals for this spot are blue calcite and turquoise. This chakra can very often be out of balance and I personally find that to bring a better sense of balance here, I will use the opposite color, as this center also deals with our ability to accept and deal with change.

Above the throat chakra you move to the third eye.  This is located on your forehead just above, and in-between your eyes.  This energy center is purple or indigo in color.  It is connected to psychic intuition and spiritual awareness.  The most common crystals or stones for this chakra are azurite or amethyst.

The last chakra sits at the top of the head; it is called the crown chakra.  This chakra is connected to enlightenment, energy, and consciousness.  The color associated to this chakra is white or violet.  The best chakra crystal for this energy center is the quartz crystal.

By working with each chakra crystal individually and then as a group you will get a better understanding of your own body and its energy.  Crystals can really give you a point of tangible focus for a topic that is intangible.  Even when you are quite adept at working with chakra energy, using crystals and stones can really make a difference.

Of course there are many more crystals to choose from, lots of different ways to use them and a wide variety of methods to bring balance.

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