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Chakra Balancing Music – Using Music as a Tool

healing musicThere are many ways that you can get your chakras balanced these days.  Each chakra has its own connections, its own frequency and its own vibration.  There are different words, colours, and stones connected to each of the chakras, but what many people don’t know, is that there are also sounds.  Yes, that is right.  There are sounds connected to each chakra.  Using chakra balancing music is a simple way to find balance by just relaxing and listening to music. In fact it doesn’t even have to be ‘music’ as such, as each chakra has its own mantra or sound that you can make yourself, should you feel so inclined. However, here I concentrate on the more musical element. Allowing the music to play as you rest back and relax will help to get passed your ‘thinking’ mind and let your body get the balancing done.

There are also chakra CD’s that can be used to work on one specific habit or issue.  If you are struggling with communication, for example, there are music CD’s that are designed to work with your throat chakra, which is the energy center that deals with communication.  By playing this music as you allow your body to relax, you will be encouraging the chakra to come into alignment.  Each chakra has its own tones and instruments that can help bring them back into balance.

Many chakra balancing pieces of music will also suggest a visualization to do along with the music.  These visualizations might ask you to picture the energy of your chakra spinning or glowing.  They will occasionally have you walk through the process of clearing out what no longer serves your higher purpose and letting new fresh energy fill the chakra space.

Most of the chakra music that you will find lasts a specific amount of time.  Most frequently you will find chakra balancing tools for 30 to 60 minutes in length.  These CD’s will often have an induction piece, to help you get into a relaxed state.  Towards the end the music will often have cues to let you know that it is coming to an end.  Often this will be in the form of chimes or bells.  This helps to awaken your subconscious and to help you come out of this relaxed space, feeling energized and alert.

Chakra music was originally played by energy healers in person to help their client with the imbalance.  This music has been given a boost for the modern age by being mass recorded and easily available to all.  There is such a wide variety of chakra music available, you are certain to find something that suits you.  Some of these are live musicians that have been recorded, or people singing chants.  There are also a large number of professionally produced music CD’s that incorporate all sorts of sounds and instruments specifically intended for chakra balancing work as well – look out for specific Reiki music titles, these are always a good place to start.

If you want to do some real work with chakra balancing, try to use chakra balancing music.  By using music you can help to quiet your rational mind which lets your body take over and really do the healing work that is needed.  Your body know what to do energetically to get back in balance, but often the human mind tries to stay in control and does not allow the really deep healing to happen.  Music is a language that is beyond words and can work for people on a deeper level.

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