The Base Chakra

The Root Chakra; Your Sexual Center

The Root Chakra or 1st Chakra is located right at the very base of the spine and is linked with the perineum.  The energy of this Chakra opens out and downwards from the top of the legs to earth, spiralling down.

One of the many associations of your Root Chakra, is with your external sexual organs. Of course there are implications not just to the physical functioning of those organs but also to how comfortable you feel about your sexuality, your sexual health as well as your feelings about performance and pleasure.

Impotence is sometimes attributed as a symptom of the Root Chakra being out of balance. It is suggested that impotence not only reflects the obvious symptoms but has deeper roots in your feelings about your own individual sense of security and self worth.  Add to this the social pressures of ‘performance’ then you can understand this could easily become a perpetual spiral of pressure, let down and then self recrimination.

This could be said of any problems directly associated to your most intimate organs and functions.  It is precisely these that the Root Chakra and its’ energy encompass.

That is not to say that by bringing the Chakra to balance once or twice you will necessarily solve any deeper problems. However a prolonged attitude to improving the balance of the energy there, as well as honest dealing with any associated psychological issues will bring about much improvement.

To me, the Chakras can indicate your deeper inner feelings and insecurities or fears that when you are ready, you can deal with effectively. Incorporating energy work with a holistic and balanced general approach to your life and well being is a great way of doing that.  The Chakras can be a very good and reliable way of unlocking some of the stuff your subconscious has been holding on to – they could most definitely hold the Key.

The Root Chakra is the best place to start with any physical body issues and concerns you may have.

The Base Chakra

The Root/1st/Base Chakra

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