Louise Hay – Finding Emotional Balance & Peace

This is an interesting video by Louise Hay, about how  holding onto blame and resentment can cause great imbalance to our thoughts, feelings and emotions.

She mentions how holding on to blame and resentment can keep us stuck and how releasing and letting go can bring great freedom.

Of course, the things she talks about are not tangible, we can not see and touch them as such, but our thoughts and emotions and feelings are so powerful – they live within the realm of our energetic world and so are vitally important when you are serious about balancing your chakras and your energy as a whole.

She continues her dialogue, explaining if you can learn to love and approve of yourself, then everything in your life begins to improve. This is often a difficult thing for people to do. They have no concept of where to start. One way I have found is very effective, when I have been working with people is to ask them to think about how would they treat their best friend, or their son or daughter, someone they respect and love in any given situation. Unless you are treating yourself and speaking to yourself in that same way then there is room for improvement.

Watch the video, see what you think – can you do the exercise with the mirror?

YouTube video

Please try it and let me know how you get on. Leave me a comment below.

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