Chakra Healing

Chakra Therapy -Using Chakra Stones for Healing

It can be very common to find your chakras are out of balance.  In fact many people living in modern society probably don’t even know what it feels like to be in balance.  We so often tend to be out of touch with our bodies.  It is important for us to get back in touch however, in order to really feel whole and balanced.  One way to do this is with some form of chakra therapy.  There are many ways to approach the cleansing, healing and balancing of the chakras. What is important is that it feels right for you and you feel comfortable with the process.  One easy and simple method is to use gemstones.

Each chakra center is connected to a color and certain crystals (these are more often than not the same color as the chakra centre).  You can use these stones either one at a time or all at once.  If you know that one specific energy point is out of alignment, but the rest of them are doing fine then you may want to just focus on the one not balanced.  If you need more of an over-all healing, placing a gemstone on each chakra point, starting at the bottom and working your way up slowly, is a good way to work the whole system.

To start a chakra therapy session it is a good idea to begin with a cleansing process.  Take a stone that is known to draw out energy.  A black obsidian or hematite will work well for this.  Take the stone in your dominant hand and spiral it counter clockwise, moving closer to the energy point on the body.  As you do this, picture the negative energy being drawn out of the body and into the stone.  Start at the base chakra and move up doing this same process at each energy center in turn.  Take time to really feel and connect with the energy.  One center might need more attention than another. This is completely normal.

Once you feel like all the chakras are cleansed and clear, you can place a stone that connects to each center, directly onto it.  There are many stones you can choose, the following are suggestions for you to experiment with: At the root chakra use a red tigers eye, the sacral chakra use a carnelian, for the solar plexus use citrine, the heart use jade, the throat use turquoise, the third eye use amethyst, and for the crown a quartz crystal.  If you don’t have the proper corresponding stone, a quartz crystal can be used for any of the energy centers.( I allow my intuition to guide me as to which if any crystals to use, so don’t worry too much if you don’t feel drawn to those mentioned).

Lay down with each stone placed on the chakra point.  Start at the base and really feel that gemstone filling your chakra with light.  Picture the energy flowing in a clockwise direction.  Picture it bright, clear and shining.  When you have the first point feeling clean and strong, move your attention up to the next one, but keep the first point going.  Once you reach the crown allow yourself to continue feeling all the points moving together.

Chakra therapy can be used to help heal many different imbalances.  Working with the chakras either one by one or all together as a group, it doesn’t matter as either way will bring you benefits.  This type of treatment is best done with a partner or energy worker to help you place the stones and to clear and charge the energies.

After any energy work, it is always wise to ground yourself.  Make sure your total awareness is brought back to the room and the present moment. Have a drink of water and allow your energies to settle.

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