Chakra Healing & Chakra Cleansing

Chakra Healing

When a Chakra Cleansing Can Help

Many people are very unaware and unattached to their bodies.  We tend to rush about, so busy and preoccupied not taking time to really connect – even to ourselves.  We only tend to take more notice, when something goes wrong or  we find ourselves ill, suffering from some complaint or another. Then our attention can be focused on dealing with the presenting symptoms and not dealing with the very root of the problem.

Often that root, lies in the fact that people are missing a connection to their bodies.  Subsequently they can be missing cues, or tell tale signs of what is really going on.  Many times what is actually happening is an energetic imbalance.  When your chakras are out of alignment or balance it can unsettle your entire system.  So, what can help to get you get back into balance?  Understanding more about your energetic system and promoting your own chakra healing can.

How can you tell if chakra healing is the right thing for you to do?  Here are some symptoms that could be signaling you are in need of chakra alignment and healing.

•             Neck and shoulder pain

•             Severe fatigue

•             Feeling disconnected

•             Not in touch with your full and complete body.

•             Fuzzy thinking

•             Generally feeling out of sorts

There are many other symptoms that can be connected to a need for chakra healing.  If you are in doubt, it is best to check with an energy worker to get a professional opinion. But as a rule of thumb, any physical ailment has by its very nature got to affect the corresponding chakra center. It is thought that the weakest energy center will be the first place that illness or disease can take hold.

What takes place in a chakra healing is the cleansing and activation of your energy centers.  An energy worker will be able to connect to each of your chakra centers.  Once they tap into that energy they can see specifically what is going on with that chakra.  This can be done with their hands, with stones or crystals, dowsing or psychically depending on how they have been trained.

The energy worker or therapist should then be able to help cleanse the energy center.  Often this will take more than one session.  In-between sessions they will give you work to do on your own to help shift blocked energy.  This could take the form of specific exercises, meditation, crystal work, dietary changes or visualization techniques.

Often a session will conclude with bringing in energy, to re vitalize the energy centers and the system as a whole – depending on what is relevant.

This cycle of cleansing and charging should be kept up.  You can ask your energy worker what exercises they would recommend that you do on a regular basis to keep your system clear and functioning properly.  Between the cleansing process and the recharging process you can get your chakra system back in a healthy place.  This will give you more energy, keep your moods more positive, and help with overall health and wellbeing.

Employing a professional can be very useful and wise, certainly in the beginning, or if you have a serious concern. However it is totally possible for you to do a lot of this work on your own. If this idea appeals to you and you want to find out more, there download your free energy report and chakra balancing course, so you can get started with your own chakra healing straight away.

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