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Chakra Balancing and working with your energy in general involves not just physical practises and changes but an awful lot of the power lies in your intention, in your thoughts and beliefs. As a hypnotherapist, I obviously have an interest in the mind body connection. I see a lot of our chakra activity mirrored in our subconscious body language and behaviours.

For many people it is hard to imagine that our thoughts have any power, certainly to create change within the body. This change, this power we have has infinite possibilities. I think people find it hard to believe there is power because their minds run almost by default, reacting to people and situations and thinking they have no ultimate power or chance of control. We do have power, each one of us and we simply have to start becoming aware of our thoughts and patterns. Add in a few ways to help keep us thinking the right thoughts and we can master and direct the change we want. This is so much more than positive thinking.

This is quite an involved subject to cover properly and I will devote a section to this mind aspect. But for now I thought you would enjoy this video by Dr David Hamilton. It is taken from a talk he gave a while ago, and it shows him explaining how our thoughts actually create chemicals in the body, the outcome of which means we physically create change within the body. This leads on to how we can promote our own healing within the body. He talks about the placebo effect, which is all about our belief that something will work. This is a vital part of energy work, the beleif that you can effect change, you can heal and you do have power. His words are ” a single thought causes a change in the structure of the brain.”

I have enjoyed his book ” How Your Mind Can Heal Your Body” and if you want some background information on healing yourself and some visualisations to start feeding your brain to create healing within your body then you will find this book interesting. This is very similar to the sorts of images I would suggest to a client in hypnosis, to create the positive changes they want in their bodies and their lives.

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