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Surfing the web, I stumbled upon this site http:pondercentral.com that gives us daily thoughts to ponder upon. The particular one I have linked to here is by Sanaya Roman is about how the negative emotions we feel can be indicators of something not being in line with our higher self.

From the what I have seen , this is often very true. The energy of your spirit, your higher self, will always want what is truly best for you. It will let you know through your emotions and feelings. When something is in line with your highest good you will feel good about it – on the inside and on the outside. You will feel energised by the very thought of it. Anything that drains you, depletes you or churns your stomach in an uncomfortable way, is more than likely not going to be in your best interests.

We all get these signals every day, just we tend to pay very little attention to them. When you can slow down, tune into those sensations and understand how your own unique energy reveals itself, then you can go on to shape your life much more the way you want it. Living on purpose, with purpose.#

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