Palm Reading for Health

I came across an article today that I thought was interesting and made some good points. It starts by pointing out that many people now treat their feet to the odd massage or reflexology treatment, understanding that the foot has many energy lines or meridians. We know that certain areas of the foot relate to specific regions and organs if the body. By working on the foot, we can also work on the energy of the entire body.

Well, so it is with the hands. Apparently, they too, to the expert eye can reveal many tell tale secrets about our health and wellbeing. They also have certain areas that relate to specific organs, some of which expert, Dolores Chung  in The Global Times outlines below. Dolores has been teaching and practicing hand massage for 10 years.

palm reading diagram

palm reading

She says:

“There’s so much information lying in our hands, once we learn to read the signs, our hands can become the mirrors of our health,” she told the Global Times. “You can observe your hands as often as you want to understand yourself and treat diseases at early stages before you have to suffer.”

Chung compared the human body to a tree and our hands to the leaves. Once the inside of the tree is sick, it can be told through the leaves.

“Stimulating areas on the hands of the corresponding inner organs can help to bring back balance to the part, so it can be strong enough to fight off the disease,” she said.

This is great news as it is yet another way we can help ourselves to bring balance back to our energy and to look after our physical health. Have you been looking after your energy and your hands lately? There is more information there about hand diagnosis, picking up the signs of imbalance and ill health etc.

You can read the full article here: It’s all in the palms.

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