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Your Heart Energy – It has a Mind of it’s Own

The human heart is an amazing organ. Although we all know it is the main organ of the body and is the pump that keeps us alive, there is evidence to show that it is so much more.

It has long been revered by ancient cultures. It has it’s own unique energy and it’s own intelligence and memory. This has become more evident since the advent of heart transplants and patients have found themselves taking on characteristics or tastes of the donor.

There is also research that suggests we can tap into and use this power of the heart, that it will guide us and can provide us with many benefits.

Here are a couple of videos from Gregg Braden, where he specifically talks about the heart and how it’s energy can impact our lives:

This second video shows some quite remarkable healing taking place – on screen!

One of Greggs Books I can highly recommend is The Divine Matrix – he outlines how the energy system works, not so much of the body, but generally and then how we fit into that too. He includes some scientfic research experiments and findings. To be able to work with our own energy, it is necessary to better understand it and how it works, what it responds to etc. Gregg also includes some real life stories of people’s experiences of healing and the Divine Matrix of energy. With this information, it is far easier to comprehend how we are all connected and the part we play in what we attract into our lives.

Alternatively, you may prefer the CD box set:

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  1. Mina Semyon:

    I cherish listening to Gregg Braden talk love and coherence. Healing is feeling as if it has already happened.Prayer is feeling. This is where hope lies. Is there a medicineless hospital like the one in Bejing, that had to close down, anywhere else? May we all meet in the energy of coherence.

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