The Energy of Food

As with most things we can do by default – eating, breathing, walking, drinking – it doesn’t always follow that we do them right! The foods we choose to eat we tend to think about if at all – only in the few moments before we actually put them in our mouths. We can easily be tempted by delicious looking dishes – blissfully ignorant of the true ingredients and make up of the individual ingredients.

This is of no real problem in the short term, but when it becomes a part of our daily life, we can easily overload our systems. We all know we should eat healthily, drink more water and exercise a little more – but until we really make the informed decision ourselves, for our own personal reasons, then we are unlikely to make any lasting changes. Informing ourselves, education ourselves can help us to make healthy and positive changes in our lives.

Although chakra balancing seems more to do with the spiritual, energetic aspect of ourselves, the human body is absolutely vital to that aspect. A sluggish or unhappy body, with  slow systems will have a sluggish, slowing down effect on your energy as a whole too. This post at “Become a Healthier You” is interesting to read: Sluggish Food results in a Sluggish body.

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