Energy Meridians – A Simple Way to Help Keep Them Clear

It is so easy for our energy and our energy meridians to become blocked, for a wide variety of reasons – not just physical reasons either.

I came across this simple process earlier today. In effect it is a way of getting your energy flowing freely. The process outlined in the article is aimed to improve your energy flow whilst sitting down.

I would certainly give it a go standing as well, so that the legs and the energy of the lower body is more stimulated and involved.

It is not suggested that you do this late at night as it can be quite invigorating, so it could just be the perfect  mid morning pick  me up – or an afternoon power break at work.

Give it a go and feel free to leave me a comment below.

You can view the article here: How To Clear The Body Meridians

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3 comments on this post.
  1. Bharat Relia:

    This are the unbelieved efforts to give the knowledge to the peoples regarding there inner power,and reasons for body[health]problems,and to know the ablelity of their[person]them self

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    Davina Reply:

    @Bharat Relia, We all have so much power within us – whether we feel it or not or believe it – however when we are open to the possibility – great things can happen.

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  2. M:

    Thanks for posting this. I really do feel more energized after. I am going to start doing this daily. My friend’s Chiropractor said one of the keys to healing is keeping your meridians open. Great stuff thank you.

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