Stopping the Energy Drain

Chakra Balancing is all about energy and bringing it into balance or alignment. What we all have to encounter every day are the countless forms of energy vampires – the people, places and situarions that can easily drain our energy. There is an interesting article I read today by Judith Orloff M.D.

She talks about how many people are empaths – very sensitive to the energies – the thoughts, words and emotions of other people. She describes a few scenarios that you might recognise in your average day. There are a great many people who absorb much of the emotional energy that we all find oursleves in every day and it can have quite a draining effect on your overall energy and zest for life.

If you already have a copy of my free report on energy, you will no doubt recall the section detailing how people can be innocent energy vampires.

There’s also an article about how grey energy can swamp us all and a few ideas as how to avoid that! At the bottom there’s also a very short video of some positive affirmations – the challenge is – are there more positive statements in that 30 seconds than you would normally say to yourself in an average day? Let me know by leaving a comment below the affirmation video.

Read the article by Judith Orloff M.D  and watch the video here;  Empath

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