Caroline Myss & Chakras

I came across this post, which includes a video of  Caroline Myss talking about the chakras. She talks in a way that is easy to understand and I particularly like how she describes how we invest our energy. She calls it Energetic Banking. When we can think of our interactions and even our thoughts in that way, and only investing in things that will pay us back positive dividends, then we can truly know we are helping our energy and improving our chakras.

She also details how our chakras directly link to our physical bodies – our health and well being. It is not always the most obvious chakra that we think will be affected that is actually affected by illhealth and disease. Often it will be more than one. This is natural as the chakras do not work independently of each other but in unison.

Although the topic is vast, it is well worth looking into. Especially if you are interested in balancing your chakras, it pays to understand them and the energy they hold on to a little better. Also if we are aware of the chakras that can be affected or the symptoms and signals they give off when they are feeling stressed or out of balance, then we can take action to redress the balance.

Find out  how your health is reflected in your chakras and you can start to notice much more easily the areas that are requiring attention first.

Enjoy the video.

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