Calming the Emotions with Flower Essences

Dr Edward Bach, is the name and inspiration behind the Bach flower remedies. These are natural remedies found to have particular healing properties – particularly for emotional issues or imbalances. It was found that certain plants seemed to embody an antidote almost to some of our negative emotions – such as fear or resentment. In order to make them easily available and digestible to use, the healing properties from the plants was made into an essence or liquid form.

Dr Bach noticed that as these infusions were taken and the negative emotions subsided then the individual would return to a better state of health. He viewed illness or imbalance, not just as the physical manifestation but that it came from being out of sync with our true self – or the spirit – the energy within.

This aligns with how I view chakra balancing and the use of flower essences would be one way you could try, to see if it fits with you.  With any new method or form of healing, it is wise to find out a little more, some of the background, the reasoning – to see if it something that you personally find credible, possible and worth experimenting with.

I think when it comes to our emotions, as a whole, we don’t tend to be too good at recognising them, let alone successfully dealing with them! As they can be pretty painful and sometimes quite explosive and may need some unravelling. However it is vital that we do not bottle up and ignore our emotions, just because they can’t be seen, or can be covered up for a while. It is only temporary – they usually surface somewhere. Far better that somewhere is a place where we can sensitively and appropriately deal with them, rather than leaving them to manifest as a problem in our physical bodies – or in our closest relationships.

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  1. Flower Essences:

    I am a ten year user of this great Bach flower essences, it is an effective mood enhancer and have a calming effect too. I had also notice no side effects even if I used it often, the more effective and potent its actions.

    Great post learned a lot, very informative. :)

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