The Benefits of Yoga

Although we read a lot all over the place about the benefits of yoga, it tends to usually come from a more spiritual perspective. Then it becomes very easy for us to narrow our own perspectives. I read this article with interest – The Benefits of Yoga for Athletes. It caught my eye, precisely because it was tailored to a more fast paced, athletic audience, yet the very word yoga tends to conjure up a sense of quiet, tranquility and slow and precise movements.

It was refreshing to be reminded of the very real and physical benefits for the human body, related to this form of exercise and how it can help enhance performance.

The physical body and the mind are so beautifully integrated yet it can be easy to forget that, especially when your focus is on the more physical appearance and endurance type aspects of the body. Yoga feeds and nourishes both – when you can bring balance and harmony to the energy and the chakras as a whole, you will notice marked improvements in those areas – no matter what level of fitness you currently have.

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