Acupuncture and Meridians of Energy

Acupuncture is widely used in complementary health care. We all know and understand the basic principles of the very fine needles and the cupping techniques. What I thought was useful, was this article, which clearly describes a little more about how and why this works. It is easy to read and understand, using very simple descriptive metaphors to give a clear image of the energy channels within the body.

It likens the meridians to rivers “Wherever a stream runs, it takes water that provides nourishment and sustenance for life. Within your body, the water in this river is qi, which runs all the way through meridians as an unseen current, energizing, cultivating, and supporting each cell, tissue, muscle, organ and gland.”

And then to explain what happens when they is a blockage or restriction to the flow of energy it continues…

“Now, think of your conventional backyard hose. If a garden hose is kinked, it can’t offer an ample supply of water to a plant. Eventually, the plant will be incapable to thrive and nurture. Also, an obstacle in the meridians will hamper the source of qi necessary to feed your body’s cells. This obstruction can reveal several signs and symptoms. In the long run, the body as a whole becomes weak, and its self-healing capabilities compromised. It subsequently turns out to be prone to pain and disorder.”

You can read the full article here: The Theory of Acupuncture

I think it is a good read and really helps to give our minds the visual image and understanding behind not just acupuncture but any energy therapy as they all deal and rely on the fact that energy should flow freely. This of course is also what chakra balancing is all about too.

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