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Chakra Balancing

One Size Does NOT Fit All When It Come To Balancing Your Chakras!

7 chakras in balance

Chakra Healing & Balance

There are many benefits and advantages to chakra healing or balancing your chakras, but what suits one person may well not suit you!  Chakra balancing is not a one time thing.  It is something you would want to incorporate into your daily or weekly schedule, to reap the full benefits. Also it is not enough to buy a product and hope it will fix things for you. It may go so far but if you can add to that product (or activity)with your attention and belief, the benefits can be multiplied many times and it becomes so much more effective. And at different times, different sorts of techniques, activities or products will be of  use to you.

Don’t waste your money on false hopes and crazy product claims. There are plenty of things you can do to begin with to help heal and balance your chakras that won’t cost you a penny!

The very first place you should start if you want real benefits is to understand your own energy better. Start to understand the tiny signals that your energy is constantly giving you. Then you are in a far better place to understand which of the main seven chakras need balancing, which ones are underactive, which ones are overactive and which need

pulling back into balance.

Don’t worry this is not rocket science (though there is a whole science behind it). The fact is, many of the things that balance your chakras, cost no money and are very simple things to do – and that is precisely why many people just don’t bother!

I believe we should do the very best we can for ourselves and then the products we choose to buy can work much more effectively and can move us and our chakras on to a much deeper level of balance, satisfaction and awareness.


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