Chakra Balancing Download MP3

Chakra Balancing –

Download to Cleanse,& Balance Your Chakras

You can easily access it here. Aura Meditation

I suggest you listen to it two or three times a week.

I trust you will enjoy it and know that your energy will thank you for it!

As you have requested this , I assume you are interested in working with the aura

and your energy a little more and will be sending you an email.

This will be to invite you to receive further email tips, techniques all about

Your Aura & Chakras and how to work with your energy and get in touch with it more.

There is no obligation for you to receive such emails and you are free to click

the unsubscribe link that will be very obvious at the bottom.

This will ensure you are not contacted again.

However if you do want to be kept up to date and to discover simple things

you can do, then you need take no action at all!

In the meantime pleae enjoy this free guided visualisation.

I welcome your comments and questions.

Regards Davina

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