Care for your Heart – Breathing Techniques

In most forms of chakra balancing there is a degree of relaxation accompanied by breathing techniques. I came across this article today at ABC News that highlights an American Cardiologist who regularly prescribes relaxation and simple breathing techniques to lower his patients’ blood pressure.

Dr Kennedy recognises we live busy, stressful lives and also recognises that there are significant benefits in learning to slow down and breathe. It is impossible for the body to be tensed and relaxed at the same time. A lot of the work we do in hypnosis, works with this physiological fact. When we hold tension or stress in our muscles it inhibits so many things, especially the bodys’ own innate capacity to self heal.

Learning to relax and breathe effectively can be a major boost to your chakra energy and your health as a whole. And of course there is no cost involved. It is good for us to see evidence from the medical profession that such things are of real and relevant benefit to us. I think we can easily dismiss relaxation and breathing exercise, yet they play a vital role in the body’s holistic system as it tries to maintain homeostasis.

See Dr Kennedy and read the article here: Secret to lowering blood pressure

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