Balancing & Cleansing the Aura.

All of the work you have read about so far with the chakras,  when you actually do the meditations or visualisations you are also repairing you auras’ energy too. So it is nice to listen regularly to a recording that will guide you through the process. After a few times you may feel more comfortable guiding yourself.

For a complete energy balance you would want to spend time on each chakra and then see the energy around you as well. Imagine it as a sphere surrounding you. You can fill that with beautiful light energy. Many people use green or blue, especially if you want extra physical healing.

If you feel you want more emotional healing I would suggest bringing in the colour orange to your entire aura and energy field, followed by blue if it feels right for you.

If it is more mental clarity you are after, bring in the colour yellow, as bright as the sun. The alternative would be to bring in indigo or a mixture of both.

For a sense of spiritual energy, I would use a beautiful turquoise blue shade, or gold or white.

If you feel you need a physical boost bring in a bright and vibrant red.

The best way is to get yourself in a relaxed state and you will instinctively know what colour is right for you, but the colours I mention above you could use as a guide.

When visualising the colours, you feel you need, either imagine that colour as a small speck somewhere within your body, then watch it grow and grow, becoming brighter, bolder and stronger all the time, until it fills every inch of you. Then, see it push through the skin and out into the energy field, filling your entire aura. If you feel you need to, you can seal that colour in, with a silver edge. This can help strengthen the effect. (This is especially good to do if you are in a situation where you feel nervous or vulnerable or a public place, where you want to protect your energy.)

Alternatively, you could imagine the colours shining down on you, pouring in through the top of your head, filling your entire body, watch it go down through your arms, to your fingers, down your torso, into your legs, ankles, feet and toes. Make sure it fills every inch of you. Then as above let it push out into your aura and seal it in.

Here is a video I made, which walks you through a nice cleansing and energising aura balance. You can take as much time as you like when you do it. Really feel the colours. You will find this quite profound when you do it for real, you may even find you feel your hands tingle with energy. Doing it outside is great, but it is equally effective indoors, especially if you have some nice music to play in the background too.

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